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Earthquake Insurance Provided By Our Agency

While you can't plan for earthquakes, you can be prepared, which can make all the difference. Earthquake coverage can help cover your finances if something happens to your home, condo, or rental unit. Because damage from earthquakes isn't typically covered under standard homeowners, condo, or renters policies, it's vital to get coverage even if you're not living in California or Hawaii.

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Personal Property
Additional Living Expenses

Dwelling coverage

Risk Factors

An earthquake can damage your home and the internal structure of your home. You must pay for repairs from your pocket if you don't have coverage.


This coverage accounts for the rebuild or repair cost of the home and other structures on the property in the event of earthquake damages.

Personal property coverage

Risk Factors

An earthquake can cause damage to your interior furniture & fixtures, and you are bound to pay for their replacement.


If your personal property, like furniture, electronics, or other valuables, is damaged in an earthquake, you are covered up to certain limits.

Additional living expenses coverage

Risk Factors

While your house is under repair, you need another place to stay, like a hotel. If you don’t have enough coverage, you need to pay the accommodation expenses yourself.


This coverage pays additional living expense costs needed if you are required to live elsewhere temporarily due to earthquake damage to your home.

Note: Please talk to Your financial consultant to check all facts before proceeding

What is Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance protects your home, personal items, and additional living expenses if you are required to move due to an earthquake. Unfortunately, most standard homeowners and renters insurance policies exclude earthquake coverage. However, you can add it as an endorsement to an existing homeowners insurance policy or purchase it as a new one.

What is covered under Earthquake Insurance?

Standard homeowners insurance policies generally don’t cover damage from earthquakes and floods. That’s why people buy separate earthquake or flood insurance if they live in an area prone to those disasters. Here are some things covered by earthquake insurance once you’ve paid your earthquake deductible:
  • Earthquake damage to the home or other structures on the property
  • Earthquake damage done to personal property
  • Additional living expenses if earthquake damages make your home temporarily uninhabitable

Why is Earthquake Insurance important?

Earthquake insurance is worth it if you live in a high-risk area.
  • Earthquake insurance is not included in standard homeowners insurance but must be purchased as a separate rider.
  • States near fault lines (California, Alaska, Oklahoma, etc.) are more likely to experience earthquakes.
  • You should consider purchasing earthquake insurance if you live near a fault line or high-risk area.

We don't think the unthinkable will happen until it does. But the essence of insurance is to help us prepare for the unthinkable and lower our losses' financial burden. Earthquake insurance is no exception. Adding an earthquake endorsement to your homeowner's insurance policy will help to protect you from minor or catastrophic losses resulting from an earthquake. If you live near an active fault line or in a high or moderate-risk area, earthquake insurance may be essential to your peace of mind.

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